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Cater Walsh Reporting Ltd. was established as a court reporting business in 1948 and has operated continuously since that date. It has held contracts with the Ministry of Justice (and its predecessors in title) for stenographic and transcription services from 1988-2017.

In addition, we attend hearings and produce daily transcripts, attend Coroner’s Courts hearings, all forms of Tribunals and transcribe ABE interviews and 999 calls for many local authorities.

The majority of our transcribers are time-served reporters who, prior to the introduction of electronic recording, attended courts and tribunals and took verbatim shorthand notes (either by pen or machine shorthand), subsequently producing transcripts from those notes and so are vastly experience in all aspects of transcription and the needs for accuracy, confidentiality and meeting deadlines. All our transcribers are DBS approved and have worked in this industry for many, many years.


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